Holbein Christ in the tomb

Holy Saturday

Holy Saturday is the (largely ignored) day between Good Friday and Easter Sunday. But what does it tell us about our faith? The experience of Holy Saturday is more widespread the we realise and is more important than we often credit. This is my attempt to get us thinking about it.


Vapour of vapours

How do you translate the start of Ecclesiastes? “Meaningless”, “Vanity” are two of the more well-known versions. But there are problems with these!


Welcome in action

How can our actions be welcoming? How can we show God’s love and welcome? The parable of the sheep and the goats gives us some answers whilst also raising more questions! Not least being over that dividing line, which might be less clear than we’d like to think..


Everybody Welcome sermon series

Everybody is welcome! Everybody is welcome to our churches. That’s what we want people to see and recognise, but we also know that that’s not always the case… One way to help our congregations to think about this is the excellent Everybody Welcome course, which is written to help enable everyone to welcome newcomers, to…