Books read in 2015

I’ve been rather belatedly inspired to record the books I’ve read during 2015, so here is my list with some comments. I enjoyed looking back at what I’d read over the past year and hope that you find it interesting too!


Seven best posts from 2015

This has been a hard and busy year (and I’m fully aware that it hasn’t been half as hard and busy for me as it has been for others), but looking back it’s good to reflect on the highlights as well. As part of that I thought that I’d again choose my seven favourite posts…


Chocolate Nativity Story

A fun way of enlivening Christmas morning all-age services is to find an excuse to hand out chocolate! This is a version of the Nativity story with the names of as many chocolate bars in as I could get in and afford…!

Prophet Joel


During Advent we are encouraged to look backwards over the founders of our faith. For the second Sunday in Advent, that is drawing inspiration from the prophets. So, what do the prophets have to teach us today?