Chocolate Nativity Story

CelebrationsA fun way of enlivening Christmas morning all-age services is to find an excuse to hand out chocolate! This is a version of the Nativity story with the names of as many chocolate bars in as I could get in and afford…!

The story is based on the version (‘Baby Jesus’) by Alex Ayliffe from Lion Christmas Favourites. When I mentioned one of the chocolates I then threw/handed out the relevant chocolate. I think it also makes the story more memorable as people are listening out for the next chocolate reference (in capitals in the story). The shopping list is below the story, but is based on a box/tin of Celebrations supplemented with a few more types. Whether this works outside the UK, I’m afraid I don’t know; do let me know!

Chocolate Nativity
In the town of Nazareth lived a young woman called Mary. One day she heard an angel WISPA “Don’t be afraid. God has chosen you for something very special. You are going to have a baby: God’s own Son. You will call him Jesus. He will bring God’s blessings to the world.”

When Joseph heard the news, he was worried. But an angel spoke to him in a dream and told him that the baby would be DIVINE. So Joseph took Mary home as his wife.

But before the baby was born, there was a census. They had to travel for miles, it was a marathon of a journey – sorry we can’t get those anymore! [Hand out SNICKERS].

They finally arrived, not in BOURNVILLE but Bethlehem. The town was very busy. The only place to stay was in a room full of animals. Mary’s baby was born there and she laid him to sleep in a manger.

Out in the fields nearby, shepherds were staring out into the GALAXY. But then an angel appeared and said “Do not be afraid. Tonight in Bethlehem, a baby is born, God’s special son, the king who will bring God’s blessings to the world.” Then the choir of heavenly MINSTRELS praised God, whilst the shepherds rushed to Bethlehem, sharing the news with everyone, even those who can’t eat ordinary chocolate!
[We handed out DIABETIC CHOCS – you could even hand out FRUIT for the more health conscious!]

Far away, wise men were gazing up at the MILKY WAY, when a STAR-BURST into the sky; far, far brighter than MARS. So the kings packed up their BOUNTY and set off on their journey.

The star led them to the place where Jesus was. They brought him gifts:
GOLD (COINS), frankincense and myrrh. Mary smiled. The gifts for Jesus were gifts for a king: “The king who will bring God’s blessings to the world”, she said to herself. A real cause for CELEBRATIONS!

Shopping list

  • Box of Celebrations – includes Milky Way, Mars, Bounty, Snickers
  • Wispa
  • Divine chocolate bar
  • Diabetic chocolate / fruit
  • Starburst sweets (there’s always a few people who don’t like chocolate!)
  • Gold coins

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