Easter 2017

Mark’s Gospel ends: “They said nothing to anyone because they were afraid”. But why? What is the Good News about that? My sermon for Easter Day explored what that means for us.


How do you feel about waiting? What’s the purpose of waiting? How can we wait better? My sermon on prayerful waiting inspired by the Thy Kingdom Come nine days of prayer, preached at Derby Cathedral in Sunday’s Choral Evensong.

Breakfast on the beach

After the resurrection, Jesus appears to his disciples by the Sea of Galilee. What were the disciples doing there? What do Jesus’ actions and words teach us about him and about us? These are some of the questions I thought about in this sermon.

Holy Saturday

Holy Saturday is the (largely ignored) day between Good Friday and Easter Sunday. But what does it tell us about our faith? The experience of Holy Saturday is more widespread the we realise and is more important than we often credit. This is my attempt to get us thinking about it.

Fear and trembling?

My all-age talk for Easter morning! Based on Mark’s wonderful and challenging ending to his gospel. I’m in the camp that thinks that this was the original ending, that there wasn’t an extra bit, but that this was a good way of challenging his readers and hearers. The other (lectionary) reading is vaguely referred to,…