Sermon series on Mark

Between Epiphany and Easter we are reading through the Gospel of Mark. This allows us to spend some time exploring what the Gospel actually says, rather than what we might think!

The challenges of reading through a Gospel is that, while there is always more to say, it is also possible to end up with lots of ‘similar’ sermons. I therefore selected passages to give a good overview of the types of events that Mark included, without repeating themes too much. I also wanted to include a few of the more difficult passages, which people struggle to interpret. These include Mark 7:24-30 and Mark 13 (which is why it is out of sequence). This also meant that I had to leave out some of the more obvious parts, such as the stilling of the storm (which I’ve preached on before).

Alongside preaching through the Gospel, we also encouraged people to read through the whole Gospel as well. I’ll link to the handout shortly.

I will link also link to sermons that I’ve preached on these passages (either as part of the sermon series or previously)

Sermon series on Mark’s Gospel

Epiphany – Mark 1:1-13 Jesus’ baptism and the start of his ministry.

Mark 1:14-28 Jesus’ ministry begins – with words and deeds. We are called to do both.

Mark 1:35-45 Jesus prays by himself and is then empowered to travel through Galilee teaching and healing.

Mark 2:1-12 Jesus forgives and heals, showing he is God and has the power to do both, and still does.

Mark 2:23-3:6 Jesus is Lord of the Sabbath, and calls us to rest as part of serving him

Mark 4:1-20 The parable of the sower – we are called to cultivate our lives, and also to act as the sower in other people’s lives.

Mark 6:30-44 The feeding of the 5,000

Mark 7:24-30 The faith of the Syro-Phoenician woman. What does this tell us about Jesus and how we are to act?

Mark 8:31-38 Ash Wednesday – taking up the cross

Mark 10:17-31 To follow Jesus means giving up everything that gets in the way, but we are rewarded with more than we can imagine. My sermon on Confidence.

Mark 13:1-11 The destruction of the temple – we can only rely on God and not on anything else

Mark 12:1-12 Using our talents to serve God

Mothering Sunday – Mark 12:28-31 Love God, love others, love ourselves. How can we do this?

Mark 14:1-9 Jesus is anointed, showing he is the Messiah. But, anointed by the ‘wrong’ person in the ‘wrong’ way.

Palm Sunday Mark 11:1-10 Jesus is king!

Good Friday Mark 15:21-41

Easter Mark 16:1-8 Why does Mark end with Jesus’ followers scattered, ‘trembling and afraid’? My previous Easter sermon, and all-age talk on this passage.


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