Baptism is how we are welcomed into God’s world-wide family. It’s an important step on our journey of faith. But, how to help people grasp something of that at a baptism service is something of a challenge! This is my latest attempt.

Childlike faith

What does childlike faith look like? What did Jesus mean when he told his hearers to “let the little children come to me … for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.”? How can we, as adults, have a childlike faith? This is the talk I gave on childlike faith, for an all-age…

Following God

How do we follow God? During the 14th century, Dante Alighieri wrote The Divine Comedy as one way of exploring that. It’s a fascinating imaginative journey through the afterlife, following Dante as he descends to hell, then goes through purgatory and up into heaven.


Sermons for baptism services are a challenge; trying to explain something about baptism, be welcoming and challenging, and say something for people who have been committed Christians for many years isn’t always the easiest balancing act! (For me anyway; I’m sure that there are people who do it much better!).

Baptism of the Ethiopian

How do you explain the importance of baptism? Let alone all the symbolism that is involved in the service? (At least in the C of E service; no bad thing!). This was my attempt for an all-age service using the baptism of the Ethiopian as its starting point.