The Fall

What was the Fall? Why is it something that we should think about? What relevance does it still has as part of a Christian understanding of the world? Advertisements

Thinking about Hell

We don’t think about hell enough! And that is damaging our understanding of humanity and Christianity. That’s the challenge that I encountered last week, and now it’s Advent Sunday, which is traditionally a time of preparation for Christmas, with a focus on the Four Last Things: death, judgement, heaven, and hell.

Our Father

The Lord’s Prayer is a vital part of our faith, which is used regularly in public and personal worship. But, how often do we think about what it means? What does it mean when we refer to God as ‘our Father’?

The Power of the Spirit

Understanding the power of the Spirit is an important part of our Christian life: God calls us to work in his power, together, for the good of the whole of his creation. We’re not supposed to do this on our own!