Cain’s offering

How the story of Cain and Abel ends is well-known, but what about how it starts? And, even more importantly, why? Cain murders Abel because he is jealous that God has accepted Abel’s sacrifice and reject his. But, why did God reject Cain’s sacrifice?

Faith and Deeds

This sermon was part of a series on James and was linked with Genesis 22, the near-sacrifice of Isaac. These are two difficult readings, both of which have had a lot written about them. Genesis 22 is known in Judaism as the Akedah (binding), which is a much better description. The picture of the akedah…

Created in the Image of God

A basic Christian belief is that humanity is made in the image and likeness of God. This understanding, derived from Genesis 1:27 and often referred to by the Latin phrase imago Dei, has had a profound effect on Christian thought.

Noah’s faith

As part of our recent sermon series on people of faith, I preached on Noah’s faith and faithfulness. I think that Noah is one of those Biblical characters who gets rather overlooked; partly because we think we know him through children’s versions, and perhaps partly because we’re too busy arguing about the historicity of the…