What is the message of the book of Ecclesiastes? How should we understand it? It’s perhaps one of those books that we don’t spend much time reading or thinking about. However, it’s one of my favourites, so this is my sermon about it!

Darwin and God’s Image

Being ‘made in the image of God‘ is a fundamental theological concept,  which can help us think about the theory of evolution in a more constructive way than is always the case. This sermon was preached in 2009 as part of a baptism service for both a baby (Ella) and two adults (Emily and Sophie;…

HMS Beagle

Why Darwin donated to missionaries

It’s well known that Charles Darwin became an agnostic. What’s less well known is that, whilst remaining an agnostic, he became a regular donor to and honorary member of the South American Missionary Society. Nick Spencer, in his book Darwin and God, charts Darwin’s religious beliefs in some detail. Here, I want to explore why…

Created in the Image of God

A basic Christian belief is that humanity is made in the image and likeness of God. This understanding, derived from Genesis 1:27 and often referred to by the Latin phrase imago Dei, has had a profound effect on Christian thought.