What does the prophet Habakkuk have to tell us about fairness and justice and how we can speak to God? And how can we follow Habakkuk’s example? This sermon explores these questions.


How do you feel about waiting? What’s the purpose of waiting? How can we wait better? My sermon on prayerful waiting inspired by the Thy Kingdom Come nine days of prayer, preached at Derby Cathedral in Sunday’s Choral Evensong.


During Advent we are encouraged to look backwards over the founders of our faith. For the second Sunday in Advent, that is drawing inspiration from the prophets. So, what do the prophets have to teach us today?

Advent Prayer

The most basic prayer for Advent is Maranatha, which means “Our Lord come!” It’s the prayer that Paul prayed at the end of his letter to the Corinthians and inspired this prayer which we used for Advent Sunday.

Our Father

The Lord’s Prayer is a vital part of our faith, which is used regularly in public and personal worship. But, how often do we think about what it means? What does it mean when we refer to God as ‘our Father’?