Do we put together our own belief systems? What does this say to those of us who, as Christians, are part of what gets called ‘organised religion’?

St Stephen

St Stephen’s day is the day after Christmas, so he doesn’t often get much attention! This was my sermon last year from the first Sunday after Christmas, where we focused on the first Christian martyr. Cheery stuff – but there is a reason why we have one after the other!


Baptism is how we are welcomed into God’s world-wide family. It’s an important step on our journey of faith. But, how to help people grasp something of that at a baptism service is something of a challenge! This is my latest attempt.


Sermons for baptism services are a challenge; trying to explain something about baptism, be welcoming and challenging, and say something for people who have been committed Christians for many years isn’t always the easiest balancing act! (For me anyway; I’m sure that there are people who do it much better!).


What will you leave behind when you go? In the week of Margaret Thatcher’s death and the fierce debate over her legacy this seemed a good question to ask of us as well.