God our Mother?

Can we talk about God being our mother? Can we use feminine pronouns to refer to God? Is there advantage in doing so, and what might the dangers be? This issue is currently making the news, with reports of calls for the Church of England’s liturgy to be altered to reflect this set of ideas.…


The Trinity is always a hard subject to preach about and think about, but one that’s at the heart of our faith! So, it’s something that we need to spend time thinking about and letting shape us. This is a sermon that I preached on the Trinity a month or so ago.

The Trinity and equality

The doctrine of the Trinity is a vital part of the Christian faith. It is at the heart of our understanding of God and so of us, not least as we are “made in the image of God”. So, it has something important to say about how we relate to each other as well.

The Trinity and Science

What does science have to teach us about the doctrine of the Trinity? Quite a lot I think; particularly quantum mechanics. Quantum mechanics deals with what happens when you get down to the atomic and sub-atomic scale. Which, in short, is stuff that you wouldn’t imagine! Or, to use the phrase that gets used a…