Best posts from 2017

Looking back over the past year, I’ve chosen some of my favourite posts that I wrote during 2017.

My most read post during 2017 wasn’t anything I’d written this year, but rather my post on Good Friday Prayer stations. I’ll make sure I do some more like that this year! In the meantime, here are my personal favourites of the posts I wrote in 2017. I’ve again put them in chronological order to aviod ranking problems.

1. The number of the beast Exploring what 666 means and why that’s still important.

2. Easter 2017 My Easter day sermon, exploring the ending of Mark’s gospel, why I think it ended like that, and what that means for us.

3. The Fall Part of our sermon series on Understanding Christianity, I explored what the Fall was and why we need to think about it.

4. The Bible and eclipses Given the interest in the 2017 solar eclipse, particularly in the USA, this was my exploration of how experiences of eclipses (solar and lunar) were used in the Bible.

5. Juvenal and the Lord’s Supper I explored what a Roman satirist, writing and complaining about Roman dining habits had to tell us about Communion (quite a lot!).

I hope that you enjoyed reading them! What was your favourite? Thank you for reading and all the best for 2018. And whilst you’re here, you’re very welcome to have a look at what I thought my best posts were in 2016 as well!


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