Best posts from 2016

Looking back over the last year it’s good to reflect on the highlights, as well as the struggles. As part of that, I’ve again chosen my favourite posts from the past year.

My most read post from 2016 was my Five Marks of Mission sermon series. I’ve chosen some other ones that I’m particularly pleased with. As usual, they are in chronological order to avoid the problems of ranking!

1. Teaspoon Prayers. A simple, effective way of helping people to pray!

2. Wondering about Easter. My all-age talk for Easter morning, thinking about Peter going away ‘wondering about what had happened’.

3. Turn away… A physical act of confession.

4. Translating Acts 16:34. Exploring how translation affects and reflects theology, in this case our understanding and practice of baptism.

5. Doubt and Lament. My sermon on Jeremiah, reflecting on our need to express our doubt and lament as part of our worship. Given the many difficulties of 2016, I think that it’s important that we do this!

6. Transforming the Way we Think. My review of the book from Durham’s Institute of Advanced Studies, summarising their first 10 years of inter-disciplinary research.

7. Supporting persecuted Christians. My sermon reflecting on how we can help Christians

Thanks for reading and a Happy New Year!






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