Archbishop Justin on Evangelism

abp justinArchbishop Justin launched a renewed focus on evangelism in the Church of England with an inspiring talk at General Synod. It is well worth listening to or reading!

Archbishop Justin spoke of the importance of receiving God’s love and transforming power and that evangelism is a ‘duty, privilege and joy’ for Christians. He also speaks of needing to regard evangelism, not as an optional app, but as part of the operating system.

The text of Justin’s talk can be read on his website, while it’s also possible to listen to him and the subsequent discussion on sound cloud. The background paper of the Evangelism Task Force, which Justin is introducing, is also available to read (pdf file).

I think that it is a helpful and encouraging introduction to evangelism and so I have produced a slightly edited version of Justin’s talk to play in church. It is downloadable as a  PowerPoint (pptx) file (I’m using the free version of WordPress which doesn’t allow me to include it just as an audio file). It is 6.05 long, and I’ve edited out a couple of paragraphs which are more focused on introducing the debate, rather than for a more general audience.


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