Seven posts for 2014

roadtoemmausWhat are your best memories of 2014? Looking back over a year is always challenging, particularly one that has been as hard for so many people as this one. But, I thought that I’d choose my personal seven favourite posts from the past year (it was going to be five, but I couldn’t decide which ones to leave out…!)
So, in chronological order (so I don’t have to rank them!), my favourite seven posts for 2014 are:

1. Women speaking Based on a fascinating talk given by Mary Beard, this is something I’ve used a few times throughout the year.

2. Jesus is Alive! My Easter sermon based on the film Frozen! It’s a pretty good Disney film, with far better female characterization than they usually manage, and with a good twist about what an act of true love looks like…

3. Archaeology and the United Monarchy My reflections on a lecture I heard at the British Museum. I enjoyed the day and I enjoyed writing this!

4. Telling stories David Gemmell was not a great literary author, but he wrote enjoyable, engaging stories. I’d been looking for the quote I use in the post for ages on-and-off. When I finally found it, I celebrated by writing this! (Not least so I won’t lose it again!)

5. Trinity My sermon on the significance of the Trinity, based really on Thomas’ confession “My Lord and my God”. It’s a difficult subject to tackle and I was quite pleased  with how it went and people’s positive reactions to it.

6. Cain’s offering I enjoy wrestling with bits of the Bible, particularly from the Old Testament. This is one of those posts! It was sparked by my preparation for a harvest assembly. Obviously, I had to leave most of this out, but I think that we can often overlook important parts of the Bible by assuming we know what it says…

7. Joseph and Sinuhe A similar sort of post, looking at what light Ancient Egyptian literature can shed on the Bible. (Spoiler: The answer is quite a lot!)

Thanks for reading!


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