Speaking in tongues

Pentecost ikon

The Guardian was writing In Praise of Nonsense Lyrics earlier this month, in words that made me think of speaking in tongues. They wrote: “Sometimes inarticulacy is a virtue, connecting us with emotions that we do not have the means to express, or sometimes were not even aware we felt. And sometimes it’s simply fun to open your mouth and let nonsense pour out.”

That seems to me a pretty good way of thinking of something of the importance of the gift of speaking in tongues. Mark Cartledge, in his great Grove booklet on The Gift of Speaking in Tongues talks about tongues being a “language of affection, of delight and wonder”. He goes on “the Holy Spirit as the bond of love within the Godhead draws believers into the intimate life of the Triune God through such holy and affectionate speech.”

Not very profound, but hopefully a helpful image…


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