The Shield of the Trinity


The Trinity is always a hard subject to preach about and think about, but one that’s at the heart of our faith! So, it’s something that we need to spend time thinking about and letting shape us. This is a sermon that I preached on the Trinity a month or so ago.


Swords and ploughshares

How do we respond to the tragedy of the First World War and the bravery shown by so many people? How can we remember properly? What should we be remembering anyway? As many people did across the country, we gathered in church to remember the ‘lights going out’ at 11pm on 4th August, the time…

war graves

Weeping over War

How can and should we mark the beginning of the First World War? What should we say? This is my first of two attempts, as we mark the hundredth anniversary. This sermon is from the ecumenical service last night, at which the Royal British Legion and ATC Squadron were also present. We lit candles, listened…

Berry works

Ecclesiastes as experiment

What does Ecclesiastes look like from a scientist’s point of view? People have long struggled with how best to understand Ecclesiastes and the approach of R J Berry provides a refreshing change to some of the theologian’s arguments over whether it is ‘pessimistic’ or ‘optimistic’. On another note, Ecclesiastes has also provided the inspiration for…


Critical realism and the Bible

Critical realism is a theory of knowledge that I’ve found very helpful, both in archaeology and theology. I’ve blogged about the general principles of it, including how it gets used by theologians, but wanted to explore in more detail how it’s helpful for looking at the Biblical text.